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Made in Japan, orSlow’s focus is on quality custom fabrics, strong construction and classic styling. A refreshingly simple collection, the orSlow brand offers a well–designed line of products, which utilize the wealth of knowledge and experience in vintage military and workwear products, gained by the collection’s designer Ichiro Nakasu.

Shirt Denim Dress One Wash
£254.17 (EX VAT)
Banded Collar Dress Denim Used
£262.50 (EX VAT)
Carpenter Short Denim Used
£200.00 (EX VAT)
Denim Jacket Used Wash
£395.83 (EX VAT)
US Army Fatigue Short Green
£150.00 (EX VAT)
Denim Used Skirt
£200.00 (EX VAT)
Jasmin Jean White
£195.83 (EX VAT)
Painter Sweater Light Grey
£208.33 (EX VAT)
Wide Leg Trouser Charcoal Grey
£262.50 (EX VAT)
Jasmin Jean One Wash
£220.83 (EX VAT)
Carpenter Jean One Wash
£204.17 (EX VAT)
Jasmin Jean Used Wash
£275.00 (EX VAT)
Wide Leg Trouser One Wash
£187.50 (EX VAT)
105 13oz Jean Denim Used
£245.83 (EX VAT)
105 13oz Jean Sky Blue
£245.83 (EX VAT)
US Cargo Pant Army Green
£266.67 (EX VAT)
New Yorker Pant Army Green
£112.50 £93.75 (EX VAT)
£225.00 £187.50 (EX VAT)
New Yorker Beige
£107.51 £89.59 (EX VAT)
£215.00 £179.17 (EX VAT)