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Birkenstock’s storied heritage dates back to 1774, in which founder Johann Adam Birkenstock is listed as a cobbler in the church archives of the German village of Langen-Bergheim. Throughout the 19th century, Birkenstock grew to become one of the most esteemed names in footwear, driven by the development of the flexible insole in 1896 and the signature moulded cork footbed in the 1930s. Today, the label offers classic styles interpreted in new ways.

Arizona Nappa Sandal Azalea
£291.67 (EX VAT)
Arizona Nappa Sandal Black
£291.67 (EX VAT)
Arizona Nappa Sandal Bone
£291.67 (EX VAT)
Sylt Quilted Sandal Black
£241.67 (EX VAT)
Sylt Quilted Sandal Azalea
£241.67 (EX VAT)
Florida Suede Sandal Black
£266.67 (EX VAT)
Florida Suede Sandal Bone
£266.67 (EX VAT)
1774 Arizona Avantgarde Khaki
£258.33 (EX VAT)
Arizona EXQ Leather Sandal
£102.00 £85.00 (EX VAT)
£170.00 £141.67 (EX VAT)
Boston Suede Shearling Mule Black
£96.00 £80.00 (EX VAT)
£160.00 £133.33 (EX VAT)
Arizona Shearling Sandal Black
£78.00 £65.00 (EX VAT)
£130.00 £108.33 (EX VAT)
Arizona NU Oiled Sandal Habana
£60.00 £50.00 (EX VAT)
£100.00 £83.33 (EX VAT)
Arizona NL White Sandal
£42.00 £35.00 (EX VAT)
£70.00 £58.33 (EX VAT)