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Nigel Cabourn

Nigel Cabourn is a British fashion designer known for his outerwear and vintage inspired clothing. Cabourn has worked in the industry for over forty years producing collections driven by inspirational stories of real people in history, vintage military, outdoor and work wear pieces.

OW-1 Everest Parka Black
£2,495.83 (EX VAT)
JK-50 Nam Cropped Jacket Army
£100.00 £83.33 (EX VAT)
£250.00 £208.33 (EX VAT)
P-55 Coverall Black Navy
£150.00 £125.00 (EX VAT)
£375.00 £312.50 (EX VAT)
P-55 Coverall US Army
£150.00 £125.00 (EX VAT)
£375.00 £312.50 (EX VAT)
ACC-9 Mechanics Cap Camo
£41.67 (EX VAT)
S-51 Workwear Big Shirt Blue
£98.00 £81.67 (EX VAT)
£245.00 £204.17 (EX VAT)
D-52 Workwear Big Shirt Dress Blue
£110.00 £91.67 (EX VAT)
£275.00 £229.17 (EX VAT)
S-53 Frankies Creased Check Shirt Green
£49.00 £40.83 (EX VAT)
£140.00 £116.67 (EX VAT)
S-53 Frankies Creased Check Shirt Blue
£24.50 £20.42 (EX VAT)
£140.00 £116.67 (EX VAT)
S-58 Big Check Shirt Yellow Madras Mix
£68.26 £56.88 (EX VAT)
£195.00 £162.50 (EX VAT)