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Nepenthes founder, Keizo Shimizu, established Needles in 1988. The brand has since gathered a cult following with re-constructed vintage pieces from their ‘rebuild by needles’ line. Needles blends the old western and military Americana style with Japanese textiles thus spawning an eccentric yet rugged sportswear lineup. Needles is solely manufactured in Japan.

S.C. Shirt Black/Papillon Jacquard
£303.33 (EX VAT)
H.D.P Pant Black/Papillon Jacquard
£303.33 (EX VAT)
One-Up Shirt Chambray Embroidery
£310.83 (EX VAT)
Western Shirt Chambray Embroidery
£287.50 (EX VAT)
Mohair Cardigan Papillon Print
£240.83 (EX VAT)
Mohair Cardigan Floral Yellow
£240.83 (EX VAT)
L/S Turtleneck Tee Black
£91.67 (EX VAT)
Piping Cowboy Pant Black
£98.80 £82.33 (EX VAT)
£247.00 £205.83 (EX VAT)
V-Neck Jersey Cardigan Black
£66.00 £55.00 (EX VAT)
£165.00 £137.50 (EX VAT)