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Cire Trudon dates back to 1643, with the arrival of the salesman Claude Trudon in Paris. His shop on Saint–Honoré sold, alongside groceries, domestic and church candles. Just prior to the reign of Louis XIV Trudon established a business, producing homemade candles by precise manufacturing processes. It was bequeathed to his son Jacques, who joined the court of Versailles in 1687 as apothecary and distiller for Queen Marie–Thérèse. 

Their insignia sums up the excellence expected, even from the bees: They work for God and for The King. Trudon provided Versailles with candles late into the monarchy. They even accompanied Louis XVI during his captivity. In 1889 Cire Trudon were awarded a gold medal, for their purity, quality of wax, and precision of fragrance. They continue to furnish many churches, brands and palaces with candles.

Le Diffuseur Abd El Kader
£148.33 (EX VAT)