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Casey Casey

Made entirely in France, Casey Casey garments reconnect the modern wearer with established atelier skills. Every piece displays painstaking, hands–on, workmanship. The carefully selected fabric undergoes a process of dyeing and laundering, creating clothing that is both original and timeless.

Bebe 2 Top Ivory
£412.50 (EX VAT)
PYJ 4 Plisse Dress Black
£720.00 £600.00 (EX VAT)
£1,440.00 £1,200.00 (EX VAT)
Merino Wool T-Shirt Black
£158.00 £131.67 (EX VAT)
£395.00 £329.17 (EX VAT)
Merino Wool T-Shirt Antique White
£158.00 £131.67 (EX VAT)
£395.00 £329.17 (EX VAT)
Swing Parka White
£294.00 £245.00 (EX VAT)
£735.00 £612.50 (EX VAT)
AH Pant Poplin White
£232.00 £193.33 (EX VAT)
£580.00 £483.33 (EX VAT)