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When You Wish Upon A (Moon)Star


MoonStar Company has been producing vulcanised rubber shoes since 1873, first coming to the spotlight for their Jika-Tabi shoes (a classic, Japanese style, rubber-soled boot with split-toe shoe). Nothing is produced by chance, but cultivated over a series of processes, technology and experience to make not just a sneaker, but a comfortable, quality, stylish and durable sneaker.


Made in Karume in Japan, MoonStar is proud of its heritage, and confident in its process to produce footwear that we simply can’t get enough of. That’s why each shoe, just as their tagline says, is still and will continue to be ‘Made in Karume’ with pride.


Vulcanisation is a manufacturing method we have talked about before. It’s an elite process that is performed by very few factories around the world. The advantages of vulcanised rubber are durability, flexibility, and capability to maintain its original shape. Plus, they look great – timeless, unisex and unforced, Moonstar will make the perfect companion to your closet for seasons to come. Try the Gym Court Green Sneaker for a splash of colour in your go-to everyday ensemble, or the All-Weather Khaki High Sneaker come rain, hail or shine. All we ask from our sneakers are fashion and function, so MoonStar are quite simply, granting wishes since 1873.


Images: MoonStar