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Tricker Treat

Belfast - cold, most likely rainy and habitually damp. If there’s one thing you can’t leave the house without, it’s appropriate footwear. If only we could design a shoe, polished but practical, not only to carry us along the streets of Belfast, but around the globe. Known for being the masters of made-to-order, and loved from royalty to urbanites - step in Tricker’s.

trickers for envoy of Belfast

Tricker’s - distinctive, durable, and meticulously crafted footwear made precision and care. Never deviating from the high standards laid down by the founder over 190 years ago, Mr Joseph Tricker – Tricker’s continues to specialise in bespoke, handmade footwear, using quality materials and outstanding craftsmanship. To own a pair of Tricker’s is to walk in the heritage of one of England’s longest established shoe manufacturers. These shoes are glorious to wear, and, as Tricker’s have said, looked after properly, there’s no reason why a pair shouldn’t last you a lifetime.

trickers for envoy of Belfast

Each pair of Tricker’s is the result of 260 individual processes. Every. Single. Pair. These aren’t simply one size fits all but the product of a labour of love carried out by master shoemakers who have learned and perfected their trade over years. And with Tricker’s bespoke, made to order process, Envoy of Belfast are delighted to share with you our exclusive black Bookbinder Derby lace up. This soft leather, high-shine shoe is light but sturdy, making it perfect for everyday wear. Supple calf-leather and a wider last makes these shoes immensely comfortable, and the high-shine finish gives a sartorial edge to any ensemble.

trickers for envoy of Belfast