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Toogood x Birkenstock

Toogood x Birkenstock


Birkenstock’s first collaboration with Toogood draws upon the shared values of the two distinct brands. Bringing together their core strengths of function and sculptural design to all aspects of daily life - walking, wearing, living and sleeping.


Toogood x Birkenstock


The foundation of the collection sees a re-sculpting of classic Birkenstock footwear styles, lent an organic feel via a signature palette of materials including canvas, felt and suede. The process of designing the sandals’ new cuts and puffy forms, saw Toogood’s team developing shapes from a series of handmade sculptures made in the studio. The three sandal styles for men and women – the Forager, the Mudlark and the Beachcomber – draw inspiration from the idea of objets trouvés, fragments of the past unearthed for collection and display.


Toogood x Birkenstock


Deepening the collaboration, Birkenstock and Toogood have created a new bed, combining Birkenstock’s expertly constructed sleep system and Toogood’s distinctive design approach. Taking inspiration from the original BIRKENSTOCK footbed this unique bed design applies Birkenstock’s health-promoting principles for walking and standing to lying and sleeping. Bringing to the world of sleep the level of functionality that Birkenstock is famous for. Puffy layers of canvas and leather upholstery create a soft form, which sits on a cork base with the signatureBirkenstock natural mattress and slatted frame incorporated within. The headboard and top surround are upholstered in cream leather, embracing its natural texture.


Toogood x Birkenstock


“Birkenstock and Toogood is a combination of genuine craftmanship and uncompromising quality. The unique take and talent of Faye Toogood creates a whole new version of our iconic designs. We look forward to seeing what is the next level of functional design.”

Oliver Reichert, Birkenstock CEO.


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