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The Buddy System


In Belfast, a year can pass by where you could count the sunny days on both hands. And yet, sunglasses remain a staple in every car and handbag throughout in the city. Low winter sun, and rainy summers tinged with the sun’s glare mean our sunglasses are never far from hand. Sun Buddies are exactly what their name suggests - your friend through every season.

The Swedish brand’s original frame takes inspiration from the sunglasses worn by actress Bibi Andersson in the 1966 film Persona, and while Sun Buddies carry a frame to suit every style and personality, there is a timelessness to every pair. Bring them out year after year and they’ll still carry a contemporary vibe and a modern edge with classic quality and design making them both practical and aesthetically pleasing. From the lively Courtney Lavalamp shades to the more purist Greta Brown Tortoiseshell glasses, each frame is lovingly handmade and fitted with the Carl Zeiss lenses. 

A good pair of sunglasses is an essential in every wardrobe, through every early morning cover up or upcycling a tired outfit, but that’s the key – a good pair. Forgo the cheap throwaway fashion fixes, and invest in a pair that are both stylish and quality, whether summer makes itself known or not. And in the meantime, they could simply just be the buddy that adds a bit of isolation-chic to sitting in your garden.