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Simone Rocha And The Wren Boys


If you were asked to name a designer that was quintessentially feminine, it would come as no great surprise to hear Simone Rocha’s name thrown into the mix. However, if you were asked to name a brand that epitomised Irish wren-boys, perhaps you’d be at a loss, and we don’t blame you, but that is exactly where Simone Rocha takes her inspiration from for her Spring Summer 2020 collection.

Wren Day, or the Hunt of the Wren, takes place on St Stephen’s Day, 26th December. A wren would be caught and the ‘wren-boys’, dressed in masks and straw suits, would stride through the local town, displaying their spoils, playing music and knocking on doors asking for money. A bit of a rogue party, with a hint of Halloween. This is what Simone Rocha brings to her latest collection above and beyond her signature femininity – a Celtic feel with a sprinkling of masculinity and a ruralness displayed in old Irish folklore. But beyond the Wren-Boys, we also get a glimpse inside the homes of those whose doors they would knock on – Delft china patterns and doilies provide welcome purpose to the collection also for example in the Delft Blue Frock Shirt.

The innate elegance of Simone Rocha allows the wearer to craft their own narrative. The beautiful, feminine lines of the Long Frock Shirt Dress can be emphasised by pairing it with delicate pearls, such as the Baroque Pearl Necklace, or the Large Flower Hair Clip. Equally however, a coarser, perhaps even punkish, aesthetic can be achieved with a simple pairing of Antipast socks, and Tricker’s Bookbinder Derby Lace Ups.

This season, Simone Rocha achieves a pleasing combination of traditionalism and timelessness, elegance and youth – a sublime collection for women of any generation.