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Out Of 1000, These Are 990


You’ve seen them on everyone… Steve Jobs to marathon runners or, as New Balance stated in their Spring 2019 campaign, from “supermodels in London to dads in Ohio”. Everyone loves comfy sneakers, and it’s clear to see why New Balance is the go-to in influential footwear, steeped effortless simplicity. 

With the 90s proudly celebrating its big revival, it was only a matter of time that the New Balance 990s got their time to (re)shine. This sneaker never went away, it just settled on the feet of ‘those in the know’ in the interim, waiting for its time to re-emerge into the spotlight but this time with a new spring in its step, and a high fashion following to carry it all over the globe. The best kept secret in sneakers. 

The more youthful among us may not remember the time when New Balance 990s, a black turtleneck and mom jeans were the uniform of the tech-savvy, their king proudly sporting this look throughout multiple decades. And who knew that it would be good old Steve Jobs that would become our fashion muse with this modest piece of advice – “Simple can be harder than complex. You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple.” Now, granted, yes, Mr Jobs was more likely to be talking about some megahertz giggawotzit and not your Spring/Summer wardrobe, but the principle is still the same. Take any ensemble, ANY, and add a pair of New Balance (like the W990NR5, or the W991BBL) and you have yourself the ultimate natural, unforced, classic look. And your feet will thank you for it.

 First released in 1982, the original 990 came with $100 price tag, quickly establishing it as the most luxurious sneaker on the market. Now in its fifth edition, New Balance haven’t lost any of those finer details that set it apart back in the 80s, and still today. Pigskin leather and mesh upper, with a thick foam midsole and ENCAP® technology to provide support and durability, these sneakers are still technologically advanced, whether you’re an old school runner, or stepping up your street fashion. And with a whole new cast of colour-ways that sit beautifully around the signature grey model, a fresh pair of New Balance will add a bit of pep in your step, whatever you’re wearing them for.