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Let There Be Light


Cire Trudon, the world’s oldest candlemaker, was founded on Rue Saint Honoré, Paris, back in 1643. Originally selling groceries alongside domestic and church candles, Claude Trudon eventually established his own candle making business with a very precise manufacturing process. Just a stone’s throw from Tuileries Palace, the company became a renowned part of French history, supplying candles to Louis XIV, Marie Antoinette and even Napoleon. To this day, they remain highly sought after, and highly respected for their impeccable product. 

The candles are a beautiful love letter to French history and landmarks – Spiritus Sancti captures the scent of cathedrals and incense, while the Carmélite candle is a homage of ‘old mossy walls’ in the cloisters. And now, scents such Ernesto, Madeleine and Solix Rex are available in 800g. There is a scent for everyone among the vast range on offer but it is more than variety that sets Cire Trudon apart. Based on a traditional recipe, the candles are made from 100% vegetable wax and have an element of  ‘green before its time’ as all the wax is biodegradable, free of pesticides, allergens and harsh chemicals, truly making the purest candle and the cleanest burn.

Packaged up in the most elegant and luxurious way, a Cire Trudon product is the perfect gift for the holiday season. Paying tribute to their most famous royal customers, the busts of Marie Antoinette and Louis XIV make for mantel-adorning conversation pieces with compelling beauty, while the La Promeneuse is a beautifully hand-crafted Italian glass chamber both pleasing to look at, and inviting with its aroma of the scented cameo melts included – a lovely way for a first-timer to try a variety of scents and discover a favourite. Cameos are also available in groups of 4 with a range of classic scents such as Solis Rex, Madeleine and Ernesto. And if wax just simply isn’t your thing, try a room spray that is as easy on the eyes as it is on the nose. 

Give the gift of Cire Trudon, because when it comes to scent, it really is the epitome of excellence and indulgence.