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Twice As Nice


At Envoy Of Belfast, every blog probably features the word ‘timeless’. This is not the result of sloppy writing, but simply because that’s what EOB represents. Every piece is carefully curated and houses our overall values of quality, design and craftsmanship, and generally, yes, those key ingredients are the perfect recipe for a timeless wardrobe. A wardrobe that consists of pieces that are bought for decades, not seasons. So it’s easy to understand why Casey Casey is a staple of our collection.

Casey Casey – so good they named it twice. One of the most elusive brands in fashion, they promote very little, if at all, which over time has developed an ‘if you know you know’ following. We could get very philosophical at this point, and try to derive some anti-fashion, rage against the machine message to the brand, but in reality, Casey Casey is impeccably simple – Casey Casey make clothes you will love to wear, for a long time. Capacious and effortless, these are the items you will reach for time and time again, because if it’s not love at first sight, it will be a deeper love built over time, bonded with each wear. 

Made entirely in France (an atelier for the modern age, not simply high-fashion runway shows), each piece displays painstaking, hands-on, workmanship. With that in mind, every garment is intentionally unique and beautifully classic, with the fabrics undergoing a slow process of dying and laundering to make them soft and lived in, just as your favourite clothes should be. But that doesn’t mean Casey Casey are easy to predict, boring even. They still will surprise even the most devoted enthusiast with a splash of fuchsia or a spotty print, like the wag pink spot shirt, to add a bit of seasoning to the most capsule of wardrobes.

Casey Casey isn’t about following trends, but about classic clothing made to endure – enjoy the precision of skilfully made garments that will last a lifetime. Because these are the garments that stay the course, and they simply never go out of style.