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Bridging the Gap


There’s always that point in the season – the winter coat you have been inseparable from for months is finally making you overheat on your way to work, but to leave the house in simply your favourite sweater is just too much of a risk. It’s the trans-seasonal blues, and they are all too familiar.

Everyone loves a layer – layers are your friend as the cold sets in from autumn to the dead of winter, but what about when winter invites spring, and spring leaves the door open for the long-awaited return of the summer sun? Layers are still your friend. There's no great conspiracy. Your new Spring/Summer pieces just need to learn to make friends with your tried and tested winter staples.

Think a lighter shirt dress with a Queene and Belle chunky cardigan and Stepney Workers Club Dellow sneakers, socks with Dries Van Noten platform sandals, a Casey Casey scarf over a classic cotton shirt, Album Di Famiglia linen trousers and your favourite cosy knit, and you soon realise, sartorially, this is the best part of the season. A chance to experiment with old and new, heavy and soft, colours and patterns. It's an opportunity to abandon the rules and just enjoy your wardrobe - whatever the season.