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Introducing, VISVIM

This season we welcome VISVIM to Envoy of Belfast. Founded in 2001 by Hiroki Nakamura as a footwear brand, before expanding to include a men’s and women’s clothing line, the brand quickly established a cult following for its refined and understated aesthetic. 

With a strong commitment to environmental consciousness and careful craftsmanship, the collection fuses artisanal ingenuity and skill with conceptual Japanese experimentation. Custom milled fabrics and natural dyeing processes are the base from which garments are laser-cut, printed and hand-stitched. Working with small workshops across the world, Hiroki Nakamura slows down the production process to allow room for a story to evolve within each garment. The resulting intricacy pulls beauty from utilitarian shapes to create something that is both enduring and soulful. 

This season the womenswear collection, designed by Hiroki’s wife Kelsi, sees hoodies, t-shirts and sneakers adorned with stars and stripes, print and motifs, a modern reinterpretation of traditional vintage clothing. 

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