£475.00 (E.U. Price)
£395.83 (Non-E.U. Price)

Maria Rudman sami L4-Ann bracelet. Reindeer hide with pewter embroidery, light denim, horn button, silver embossed tag. Pewter embroidery design. 100% leather, pewter, silver, cotton ribbons, antler. Made in Sweden. Each piece is unique and handmade with delicacy and precision, the expression of a long tribal tradition. The authentic Sami bracelet is made with natural home–tanned hide, distinguished by coloured ribbons, the four colours of the Sami flag. These colours stand for the forces of nature; the earth (green), the sky (blue), the sun (yellow), the heart, the life force (red). 

Approximate Measurements in Centimetres
18.1cm length inclusive of button and loop, 4.4cm width.