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Black Crane

Black Crane is designed by husband and wife duo Alexander Yamaguchi and Momoko Suzuki. It represents pure deep black as Alexander and Momoko are deeply interested in their Japanese roots as well as ancient Japanese culture and civilization. The LA based collection focuses on a silhouette that complements supple lines and comfort. The production process takes place locally in LA. 

PS10 Petal Skirt Faded Black
£129.25 £107.71 (EX VAT)
£235.00 £195.83 (EX VAT)
BX20 Box Top Faded Black
£68.75 £57.29 (EX VAT)
£125.00 £104.17 (EX VAT)
PS10 Petal Skirt Clay
£90.47 £75.39 (EX VAT)
£235.00 £195.83 (EX VAT)